We passionately believe in happy students who shall create a happy tomorrow.


Dear Parents,

Goldcrest High aims at creating a platform where we can share our views and ideologies and create a sense of belonging and pride that will bind us together with universal chords of love and understanding, so that we create a beautiful world for our children to grow… where learning comes from within. A perfect blend of traditions and values, an amazing combination of past and present where the home and the school are in perfect harmony with each other in moulding the child’s future.
At GHV, we proudly witness the new generation of children exhibit skills and talents of unparalleled genius. It is our continuous endeavour and belief that the inherent potential of each child is understood and nourished.
Our scientifically designed pedagogy enables us to create lifelong learners, groomed to be global citizens of tomorrow with Indian values. The skills for cognition, effective communication, negotiation, computing, attitude building etc. form an indispensable part of a professional today.
Through our innovative assessment system, we work to build the confidence and life skills of our young learners. Our students’ excel at sports, art, theatre and public speaking as their comprehensive development is our objective.

A beautiful country is a reflection of beautiful people. At GHV, we passionately believe in happy students who shall create a happy tomorrow.

Jaspal Gill