On the wings of excellence



To provide integrated value education that nurtures global wisdom, preserves Indian culture and enables students to shine in all walks of life.



To shape students into caring, courageous and capable global citizens and to provide an education that would promote the stable and successful future of our children and be a life-long asset to them.


Goldcrest High believes in providing children with an environment that integrates individual and group, learning and playing, knowledge and values, reasoning and creativity, together with discipline and freedom into a seamless mix of experiences, discoveries and excitement.

Goldcrest High is designed to be a true centre of learning, a place where students enjoy the thrill of learning new things each day. Here learning is not an imposition, interference, a theft of freedom – but an excitement and the key to a greater freedom than they have ever known.

Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore's vision for an educated community, Goldcrest High imbibes the spirit of creativity and co-curricular excellence that complements the academic learning beautifully.

Goldcrest High aims at providing an education that promotes intellectual freedom, teaches children to live in harmony and to appreciate the diversity of our cultures and communities.