Goldcrest High imparts quality education keeping in mind the total development of the child.

trustee-vdWe endeavour to design our educational processes on the basis that the future of this world rests upon the overall competence, sensibility and goodness of its youth. The need of the hour is to raise our children in such a way that they lead a good quality life and become responsible global citizens of the future. We thus have to educate them not only with instruction but also by drawing out their hidden potential with all the attention and care that they deserve.

The purpose of providing quality education is manifold. Apart from making them more knowledgeable and good problem solvers, it enables students to live their life fully at all ages, prepares them for challenges ahead and grooms them in noble culture values. Still higher than this aim is that it creates in students a thirst for greater knowledge.

Goldcrest High imparts this quality education keeping in mind the total development of the child. Children get a modern education in an atmosphere that preserves the rich Indian culture, values achievement, builds character and enriches these young minds. Most of all the school enshrines the dignity and self-worth of each individual.

Hon'ble Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh
Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India
trustee-vdThe aim of education is the development of that bent of mind, that attitude of reason, that spirit of democracy which will make global citizens. Goldcrest High seeks to create an education system that would develop within the child the full range of human capacities- intellectual, social, physical and spiritual; an education that would instill a thirst for knowledge and foster a desire for excellence. Such aspirations acquired in childhood will determine the child's future life.

Today, it is the concern of all parents that their children grow up to be happy, well-educated and good human beings. To enable this to happen, parents and schools have to explore creative methods of teaching. At Goldcrest High, our endeavour is to harness depths of our ancient heritage and adapt them to the modern world. Creative sports and ancient techniques such as yoga, as a part of a child's learning process, add a dimension to learning that instills in the child confidence and discipline at a deeper level. The path to holistic education is made up of many such small steps. It is the endeavour of the Trust, the Board, and teachers to provide our students with the tools needed for a happy and fulfilling life.

Amit Deshmukh
trustee-vdWe opened the doors to this place of learning and academic excellence with great commitment. We believe that a school is the heart of a community. Children stream through our doors and hallways; and with them come aspirations and hopes of parents as also their fears and anxieties.

While success has to be earned, excellence can be learned. Thus our aim is to provide a high quality education to all students to ensure they enter the world with the skills to compete and excel in the fields of their choice.

As a school, for us, educational excellence includes leveraging best-known practices to create an education system that prepares teachers and students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century and contributes to the national economic and social growth.

Goldcrest High aims to give its children the roots that will enable them to fly on the wings of excellence.

Aditi Amit Deshmukh
Head - Goldcrest Group of Schools