Spacious and modern Classrooms

infra-classroomThe mood created in the Pre-Primary section of the school is that of "Celebration" ……as it is the first step of these children in the world of learning. Circus, Fairyland, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, and Dinosaur land etc. are some of them used in the murals on the wall. These have been chosen very carefully, keeping the observation and absorption capacity of the age group in mind. They form a stimulating backdrop for the classroom and help a lot in the learning process. The visuals are illustrated in a non realistic, stylized teaching technique and lend a fantasy like ambience to the whole area, thus making it more interesting for this age group.

Activity Room

infra-activityroomThe activity room is probably the best of its kind. It has a doll's house, a reading corner, an art corner, an audio visual area for showing educational movies, a mini amphitheatre, puppet theatre and play area. The entire section is air conditioned providing children with a temperature controlled comfortable environment.


infra-libraryThe libraries for the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Sections are well stocked with age appropriate books – from colourful and interesting ones for the younger children to books on a wide range of subjects to stimulate the older children. Additionally, the school subscribes to a number of journals and magazines. Regular library periods are slotted for all classes so that each student is able to make use of this facility.

Science Laboratories

infra-labWell stocked with the latest apparatus and equipment.
Middle School Laboratory - One Lab. Grades V to VII
Senior School Laboratory - Three Labs. (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Grades VIII to X

Computer Laboratories

infra-computer-labThe school places great emphasis on technology as a tool to aid learning. The school is equipped with the latest computers and internet access is provided for all. Each class is exposed to using this technology effectively..

Art Studios

infra-art-roomThe two art studios-one for the Primary and one for the Secondary School-provide children the space and materials to express their artistic talent and allow for creativity in expression and thought. Students enjoy this art form as it enables them to unwind and relax.

Music Room

infra-thumb-14Students take keen interest in playing various musical instruments. Music indirectly brings about discipline and self control as students spend time to learn an instrument. Students talented in music inspire the less talented ones and encourage participation such as forming bands, etc.

Dance Studio

infra-danceDance - classical, semi classical and western teaches students to move their bodies in rhythm and with grace. This performing art is well taken up by both boys and girls. The large dance studio has changing rooms attached to it and is equipped with a heavy duty music system.


infra-playgroundThe school has a large playground which is used for athletics and the children can play Football, Cricket and Hockey. Basketball and Tennis courts have adjoined the field.


infra-cafThis service is to be compulsorily availed of. Situated on the 2nd floor, an aesthetically designed cafeteria provides snacks for all and lunch for Primary and Secondary School students. Our diet consultant drafts the menu for the month ensuring meals that are balanced and varied. Immense care is taken in area of cleanliness, personal hygiene of waiters, preparation of the meals and quality of ingredients.

Medical Room

infra-thumb-15Health and Safety of our students being of utmost importance, we have a visiting doctor to attend as and when required. First aid kit is available with Section Heads.