GRADES: Playgroup to Senior KG
Age Group: 1 Year 6 Months to 5 Years 6 Months

We will provide a safe, stimulating and challenging place for your child to begin his or her early years’ education. This is a big step for most children and we aim to help them develop to their full potential as individuals and as members of a larger group.  Young children learn by firsthand experience through carefully structured play activities. Their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development will be catered to by skilled and caring staff through a balanced curriculum and cross-curricular activities which are carefully differentiated.

The early years’ curriculum is based around six areas of learning which are personal and social development; language and literacy; mathematics; physical development; knowledge and understanding of the world and creative development. These goals are achieved in various ways incorporating structured play activities, set tasks, teacher / adult interaction as well as through many opportunities for independent learning.



GRADES: 1 to 4.
Age Group: 5 years 6 months to 9 years 6 months

In the early Grades focus is more on “Theme-based learning” and various subjects are incorporated into this central theme. The latest strategies are adopted in the teaching and learning process so that students are keenly involved in their academics and enjoy their learning. Field trips, projects and presentations along with class quizzes and tests allow for formative assessments.  The activities are closely monitored and structured to allow for student creativity and self learning. In the later years, the course is based more on the ICSE curriculum and subjects offered are English, Hindi, Marathi, Environmental Education, Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography), Mathematics, General Science, ICT and Arts. Apart from the regular subjects, students are given lessons in Music, Value Education and Physical Education. Students are also required to participate in community service programmes and field trips. Assessments are both formative and summative in nature.




GRADES: 5 to 10.
AGE GROUP: 9 years 6 Months to 15 years 6 Months

In Grades 5 to 10 the ICSE pattern of studies is continued. All students take up English, Hindi, Environmental Education, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Arts, Physical Education, Value Education and Music.  Marathi is compulsory till Grade 8. In Grade 9 students are given choices in groups 2 and 3 as per the ICSE specifications. They are guided to make the correct choice of subjects since they continue with the same seven subjects configuration in Grade 10. Both formative and summative assessments are taken into consideration in order to determine the level achieved by a student in academics. The focus is on concept building and a comprehensive understanding of the content. The assessments are designed to make the students think and express themselves.


Subjects being offered in each group:


Group 1: Compulsory

Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography)

Group 2: Any two subjects

Mathematics / Commercial Studies
Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) / Environmental Science(EVS)

Group 3: Any one subject

Computer Applications
Commercial Application
Physical Education

Students are also required to attend classes in SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)




The co-curricular programme is designed to enhance the children’s overall personalities and thus prepare them not only to excel in their areas of interest and skill but also to adapt quickly to changing times and meet their challenges with élan.
These activities further nurture and  widen their   imaginations -  be it in the field of music, dance, fine arts, sports, gardening, reading,  writing, or any other.

Clubs and societies channelize the latent potential in pupils into constructive areas of creativity, research, discovery, and community service.


Field trips

These trips are organised to enhance the learning that takes place in a classroom. Students look forward to these trips where they can combine learning with fun!


The school has a large playground where children can play Football, Cricket and Handball. The ground is also used for athletics. Facilities to play games like Chess, Carrom, Table-Tennis, Basketball and Badminton are provided. The swimming pool is situated on the terrace.